Our Philosophy

COOL Pilates has a distinctive approach to Pilates, drawing on Andy's extensive experience in dance, Pilates and the Alexander Technique, together with influences from other somatic practices such as T'ai chi, Feldenkreis and Bartenieff Fundamentals. Our teaching emphasises mindfullness in movement, with the hope of attaining that magic moment when mind and body become one. We work with a wide variety of clients – men and women, fit and less fit and all ages from 14 to 85+. 

COOL Pilates has the experience and sensitivity to work effectively with dancers, actors and athletes whether recovering from injury or seeking to hone their technique. Clients with back problems or other musculoskeletal issues have been successfully treated in our uniquely empathetic manner. COOL Pilates Birmingham and Barnt Green regularly receives referrals from osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors in the local area. 

In addition to Andy, there are four other teachers working together to offer private and semi-private tuition, with the opportunity to join apparatus based mixed ability small group classes, or high energy reformer classes. COOL Pilates also offers mat classes at a range of levels from novice to intermediate and specialist classes in Pilates for Pregnancy. 

There are many Pilates classes available in Birmingham and the West Midlands. However, not all Pilates classes or trainers are the same. The practice of Pilates is mentally and physically complex and requires great attention to detail. When you choose COOL Pilates you know that you will get the most effective Pilates experience available for your needs. 

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