What is Pilates?

This system of exercise was devised by Joseph Pilates almost 90 years ago. His method of exercise emphasizes core control and placed great store by mind-body integration. Aspects of Eastern meditation and yoga were further combined into his technique.

Modern Pilates has become the method of choice when it comes to rehabilitation from injury or illness. All type of people young and old also use Pilates for body toning and for posture reassessment. There is presently an upsurge in the popularity of Pilates. It is often taught in large classes, however, in a studio, Pilates is taught in a one to one context or in small groups.

The work undertaken in a Pilates Studio such as COOL Pilates Birmingham is centred on special apparatus originally devised by Joseph Pilates to maximise the effects of body conditioning. These include the Universal Reformer, Combination Chair, Trapeze Table and other versatile pieces of equipment. The COOL Pilates Studio apparatus focus on both eccentric and concentric muscle work, helping to build the balanced body that is very much the centre of Pilates philosophy.

Because each person's body is different, each person's needs are different. The history of events that result in the body we have tells a personal story such as experience of sports, injuries, and medical conditions. Above all it tells of the accumulation of movement quirks and habits that make us who we are. It is true that many of these habits contribute to our personality. However, some may well be detrimental to our health by contributing to tension and stress.

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